Tuesday, 25 August 2020 16:33

August 25/20 Update

Good Morning All,

Please note I've included our MP Julie Dabrusin, our MPP Peter Tabuns and our City Councillor Paula Fletcher in the email version of this message.  I have a few things for you today:
1. CECRA Extension
Next Monday is August 31 and the CECRA program is scheduled to end.  The hope is that the Federal and Provincial governments will extend it again for the month of September.  Many of you have reached out to me to see if this is happening.  I've emailed our government reps asking for an update but have yet to hear back.  I will let you all know as soon as I have any information.  I know how frustrating it is to have to go through this every month.  
2. Provincial Moratorium on Commercial Evictions
This also ends on Monday, Aug. 31 and I've reached out to our MPP Peter Tabuns to see if this will be extended.  Again, as soon as I know I will let you all know.
3. Ontario BIA Association Presentation
The Ontario BIA Association represents all BIAs in the Province of Ontario.  TABIA is the group who represents just BIAs in Toronto.  Yesterday (Aug. 24) the OBIAA made a presentation to the Provincial Legislative Assembly.  This was an excellent presentation on the current state of BIAs and main street businesses in the Province.  They also made some excellent recommendations which I hope will be seriously considered by our 3 levels of government.  I've attached the presentation to this email and I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read through it.
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