Thursday, 22 October 2020 07:49

Thrill of the Chill launches this Saturday in our BIA!

Good Afternoon All,
I'm so pleased to announce that we're launching our Thrill of the Chill promotional campaign this Saturday, Oct. 24 at 2:30pm.  Special thanks to Councillor Paula Fletcher for agreeing to come out and assist with the launch.  The purpose of this campaign is to provide some assistance to our business members.  As you know our restaurant members are part of the current restrictions and can only do outdoor patio business and it's getting cold.  To draw customers to our patios we've ordered thermal blankets.  These are not glamorous blankets - they're emergency thermal blankets but they will keep people warm and protected from the wind.  
These blankets will be given for free to patio customers and they are reusable so customers will be encouraged to keep the blankets for future patio visits.  And, as an added bonus, each blanket comes with a $5 gift certificate.  Customers can use these certificates at ANY of our BIA businesses - retailers, salons, dance studios, bakeries etc.  
Attached please find a sample of what the gift certificates look like.  For all of our businesses please ensure that your staff are aware of this campaign.  Perhaps print off the attached sample and have it by your cash.  Please accept these certificates and take $5 off of the purchase.  After that all you have to do is email me that you have a certificate and I will come and reimburse you.
Our curb lane patios can only continue to operate until Sunday, November 8th.  Starting on November 9th they will be removed by the City in order to prepare for winter and snow plowing requirements.  The City is currently discussing the issue of sidewalk patios and allowing them to stay up through the winter.  We will have to see if the City approves this.
In the meantime, we will work to encourage people to use the patios we have and to enjoy some additional shopping in our Broadview Danforth BIA.  I hope that you all can lend a hand and help to promote our Thrill of the Chill program through your social media.
Early today BlogTO posted coverage of the event - here's the link:
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