Thursday, 22 October 2020 11:57

Thrill of the Chill Social Media - Please Help

Good Morning All,

Our Thrill of the Chill campaign has certainly garnered some good attention for our BIA.  Please note that I've included Eszter, our social media mgr., in the top send line of this email.
We're launching the campaign this Saturday at 2:30pm.  Eszter has created a few images - see below - that you can use in your social media to help promote the campaign.  We're asking all of our businesses to help - the blankets and gift certificates will be given out by our restaurants with patios but the gift certificates can be used by customers at ANY of our BIA businesses.  So please help us promote that part and encourage people to use their gift certificates at your business.
If you wish to create a different image but are having some trouble doing so please let Eszter and I know and we will assist.
I've also attached the media release to this email which gives you the overview of this campaign.

Content images are attached.
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