Saturday, 24 October 2020 08:09

It's Thrill of the Chill Day!

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Good Morning Folks,

Well our wonderful weather from yesterday has moved on and we're chilly again today so a good setting to launch our Thrill of the Chill initiative!
Attached is an interview that our Board Chair, Albert Stortchak, did earlier this morning on NewsTalk 1010 - they will be promoting the Thrill of the Chill throughout the day.
As a reminder, our restaurants with patios have the blankets and the $5 gift certificates and will be giving them out to their customers.  The gift certificates can be used at ANY of our businesses.
I've also attached a low resolution copy of the gift certificate to this message so you know what it looks like.  Please make sure that your staff members know to accept it.  Perhaps print it off and have it next to your cash (a full resolution version has been provided to businesses by email).  Once you receive a certificate just email me and I will come and reimburse you.
And thanks so much to those of you who have already promoted this initiative.  Please keep promoting it if you can.  We will be running Thrill of the Chill until we run out of supplies.
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