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Watermain Replacement on Broadview Avenue

Good Afternoon All,

We've been notified by the City that they will be replacing the watermain on Broadview Avenue from Danforth to Gerrard.  This work is scheduled to begin next Monday, May 10/21.  Attached is a detailed information sheet from the City - please take a few minutes to read.
I know this is the last thing anyone wants to have to deal with right now.  We've had a couple of meetings already with the City and have stressed how important it is that this construction move along as smoothly as possible and in the most efficient way possible.  Our BIA members located on Broadview south of Danforth will be the most impacted but this will affect the whole area in terms of traffic, TTC and parking.  We are hoping that our section of Broadview will be complete by the end of June/beginning of July.
In addition to the work on Broadview, the City will also be doing work on the Prince Edward Viaduct as follows:
  1. Upgrading the eastbound bike lane and traffic signal at the Danforth Ave. and Royal Drive intersection (this is the on-ramp section to the DVP)
  2. Repairing the suicide prevention barriers on the bridge
Councillor Fletcher has arranged for a Construction Liaison for the Broadview work.  This means that I will have one main person to contact and deal with during the construction - I can reach this person when there are problems etc.  It is hoped that this will make the process easier and allow for better communication between the contractor and our BIA.  
I will provide regular updates as this moves along; and, the City has set-up a website where you can get updates and information:
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